Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Why Enterprise Architecture will continue to achieve mediocrity...

Folks have noted that many practitioners of enterprise architecture come from a technical background and are suboptimal in terms of speaking in the language of the business. This trend has morphed into cliche phrases such as IT should align with the business. I think the mediocrity of enterprise architecture though is do to another challenge...

It is not enough to write blueprints, standards, and guidance for architects and designers. EA need to build living, self-documenting systems that provide real time metadata linked to financial and resource usage data that result in graphics that allow business manager to make decisions about the ongoing value of processes, technology, and infrastructure investments.

One general observation of IT as an entity is that within the last ten years, we have stopped figuring out better ways of writing software. Book authors no longer care to publish, book buyers no longer care to read and process is now more important than competence especially in an Indian outsourcing context.

So, we understand the pendulum effect. The question that needs answering is when will the swing back to having enterprise architects focus on what they are most competent in will occur...

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