Friday, September 26, 2008


OWASP Hartford September 2008

On Wednesday, The Hartford chapter of OWASP had two great speakers. First, we had Andrew Stone, a senior manager of Accenture who talked about the authorization problem within enterprise applications, something of which enterprises need to start paying more attention to. I have been on record in saying that the identity conversation is overhyped and that authorization is more important. Good to see that Accenture is starting to carry the same message.

We also had Paul Roberts of the 451 Group, which is an industry analyst firm unlike Gartner. They aren't historians who measure what has happened, but focus on innovation and help customers understand what will happen in the future. In other words, some analysts help you make tactical purchasing decisions while others help architects with strategic goals such as using innovation to enable long-term business drivers.

For the October meeting, we will be having Rohit Sethi of Security Compass and the Agile Elephant speaking on elite IT talent. The agenda will be posted over the weekend here...

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