Thursday, September 04, 2008


Obama vs McCain on IT Security

Obama - "John, what would you do in the event of a cyber attack?"

McCain - "My friends... I did not have a computer for 5 1/2 years. I was not able to google my name to see how many hits I would get. I was getting hit, my friends."

Obama - "John, that's not the question. Do you have a plan for this potential security threat."

McCain - "Well you see, my friends. Senator Obama wants to bring up these topics that I know nothing about because he doesn't have a plan for Iraq but to lose a war to win an election and he wants to raise your taxes. I will chase down every threat and defeat it."

Obama - "How do you propose we defeat a virus or a trojan horse?"

McCain - "First of all... I know how to win wars and I know what to do with horses. I have horses at most of my homes and I have never had any problems with them. I have some Arabian horses and that experience, my friends, has taught me how to deal with Arabs when they get frisky. I even have some Budweiser horses - can't get more patriotic than that. and "B", I have just been to the Dr. for my weekly checkup and I am clean - no viruses my friends."

Obama - "You know what, I give up. I see how you managed to pick Sarah Palin for VP."

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