Friday, September 05, 2008


The culture of India and IT Outsourcing

There is an untold story of many individuals within India who have lost their sense of work/life balance. Is America guilty of destroying relationships in India...

The youngest victim of outsourcing is the death of Aditya Mohan which is tragic. I suspect though that there are multiple tragic stories here. I suspect that the client in which Mohan was working for, stayed focus on their deadlines and didn't even pause for a minute to acknowledge the tragedy.

When I first entered IT, I was surrounded by compassionate individuals. Nowadays, compassion is no where to be found and has been replaced with process, maturity models and metrics. Pretty much every methodology in existence attempts to make humans more plug-compatible removing the human aspects of technology from the equation.

Sadly, Americans in IT have figured out a survival strategy where they manage the work of offshore workers while they not only outsource work, but also outsource lost of compassion for others, loss of humility and most importantly loss of life.

I am one human alone in the wilderness and unlike the masses, will stop and take time to acknowledge the loss of someone who was kind and made a difference to many...

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