Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Why more IT professionals prefer consulting...

Many folks are aware that Industry Analyst Brenda Michelson of Elemental Links was recently seeking to create a panel at an upcoming conference on SOA practitioners who also understand enterprise security considerations but fell short.

Sadly, in my own network I too fell short in finding folks who understood both. The funny thing is that both of us could find folks who understood both but worked for consulting firms but neither of us could find folks who understood both but were employed by large enterprises.

My general reaction to this is that is the start of a trend that could potentially be the anti-thesis to business/IT alignment. When a growing number of IT professionals are favoring contract work over permanent employment because of the better pay on offer, it says that no one that is qualified may be looking out for the best interests of the enterprise and the enterprise architecture may suffer.

Another take on this problem space says that HR isn't doing their job in that they don't allow for much flexibility in terms of compensation for salaried employed but can be very flexible since HR usually isn't involved with contractors that they are ultimately devaluing their own role.

Anyway, using consultants for your enterprise architecture initiatives is somewhat dangerous and if you are thinking long-term, then you should have HR policies that allow this to be accomplished. Maybe, we need to discuss IT/HR alignment?

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