Friday, August 15, 2008


Ways to ignore airline baggage limits...

Many of the airlines have placed weight restrictions on baggage. I figured I would share a tip that allows you to beat the 50 pound baggage limit...

I dropped the family off at the airport this week and noticed several couples waiting inline. They were traveling to Puerto Rico when the counter agent told them there would be an additional fee for overweight baggage. Another person standing in line heard this conversation and took some items out of their bag and put them into the backpack they were carrying.

This next couple made it to the counter and placed their bags on the scale where the counter agent preceeded to put the baggage tape/sticker on the back and handed it back to the couple to carry over to the TSA baggage folks. Of course, the counter agent moved along to the next customer when this couple decided to simply take stuff out of their backpack and place right back into their luggage.

Of course, TSA is solely responsible for checking bags and doesn't really care if someone either adds or removes stuff prior to it being handed to them. In many airports, especially when crowded you could do this without a TSA agent nor counter agent seeing it.

In other words, you are an idiot if you pay for exceeding baggage limits...

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