Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Thoughts on Discrimination

While in Trinidad, I observed how many job opening signs there were in business. Many of them were politically incorrect according to US standards. One sign specifically asked for males while another asked for nice looking Indian females.

At some level, discrimination occurs in every culture whether it be race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, whether you are a process weenie or prefer lighter-weight approaches and so on. The conversation that has never occured in America is how is this best addressed.

Many within corporate environments have simply changed their terminology and may reject candidates for other stated reasons while much of the practice still is status quo.

I wonder if it is actually better for society if we were to not mislead folks into applying for positions that they cannot be possibly even considered for? While aspiring for growth and other positions is healthy, encouraging otherwise wasted efforts surely has an effect on productivity.

Besides, wouldn't it be more beneficial to humans to know that you didn't get hired because you look like Lurch from the Adams family than to get a generic response stating that you weren't the right fit?

I guess I have lots of opinion and no opinion on this topic at the same time. Anyway, it is fascinating to observe other cultures and think for a moment that at least in this regard, Trinidad is not following the worst practices of the United States and our approach to human resources. For the record, I am savage believer in equal opportunity, so don't get it twisted...

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