Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Project Managers who pretend they are Enterprise Architects

It is fascinating when folks who share their opinion in the blogosphere when they don't know what they're talking about...

In order for a discussion to go anywhere, it requires not just pontification of opinion but some facts as well. Robert McIdiot posted Suggestions for the OWASP maturity model which factually proves that he should more frequently exercise his right to remain silent. Anyway, let's dissect his confusion to see if there is any insight.

I wonder what his definition of new is? OWASP is internationally recognized and has chapters in at least 125 different parts of the planet. I guess he could have simply visited the web page to figure out the locations along with figuring out the logo. I wonder if he is aware that the folks who created the capability maturity model also aren't from a standards body. They are from a University! Maybe he isn't aware that folks from the community at large also participate in improving CMMi? Maybe, researching something isn't he ever does and instead expects others to spoonfeed him.

The work of OWASP is 100% open source and anyone is free to join. While none of the participants on this project currently reside in either India or Eastern Europe, they are more than welcome to participate. If you know of folks from Wipro, Cognizant, TCS, Satyam, Infosys or other firms that are willing to participate, I will welcome them with open arms.

Ahh, creative accounting. Robert, there are many statistics that indicate that the number of IT jobs in America is declining by 3% a year. If lots of folks leave the profession at a rate higher than openings, your numbers hold true but are otherwise dishonest. Robert, I bet you don't have any statistics on IT employees who got displaced by outsourcing as to the percentage that managed to get a pay increase vs those who took a pay cut?

Now I am certain that he wants me to spoonfeed him like a big baby. A simple visit to the site and he would have actually seen an early draft and been able to form an intelligent opinion.

I know in is ingrained into your persona to sit on the sidelines instead of jumping in and playing the game with the big boys. If you think you can do a better job of creating a maturity model around security, then be my guest. In order to create a maturity model, you at some level must be mature...

I know you aspire to be a credible enterprise architect, but you really need to stick to project management. Oops, a competent project manager would understand that heroics isn't the answer but teamwork is. By assembling the best and brightest from all over the planet, OWASP will produce a competent security maturity model. I am not alone in this undertaking and any deficiencies I have, will be more than made up by the truly high caliber individuals I am working with on this project.

If you want to make bets, I bet that you couldn't competently run an open source project because you can only succeed based on command and control. I bet you don't even comprehend the value proposition of open source nor the community model at large. I would bet though that you will either post a stupid response regarding open source or simply practice remaining silent.

Anyway, I hope that the organizations that Robert Mcilree consults for truly get what they pay for...

Robert McIlree on his honeymoon with James Robertson

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