Sunday, August 31, 2008


Links for 2008-08-31

  • No user-centric or enterprise-centric identity
    I wonder why Dave Kearns and others aren't acknowledging the fact that while these should be thought of as personas and distinct in trivial ways that software vendors that provide solutions for identity have to twist them in order to sell products. The only way these concepts can converge is to ignore proprietary messages and the vendors who spoonfeed industry analysts and for the voice of open source to rise above the rest.

  • Who wants to be @OWASP on Twitter?
    I believe that Bex Huff should keep this credential for himself. Of course, if he decides to use it for open mockery of hacked applications, I will most certainly smile. Maybe, now that he has this credential, Craig Randall may solicit opinion from him on how to make DFS secure.

  • Bursting the CMM hype
    I wonder when Indian outsourcing firms will abandon CMMi and propose something with a little bit more integrity?

  • Social Networking 2.0
    An enterprise scale approach to social networking.

  • Why Always having a Plan B matters
    Robert McIlree shares lessons learned regarding a recent experience. My take is that he did the same mistakes I made earlier in my career which was to focus on conceptual integrity over gaining buy-in. Nowadays, in order to be a successful architect, you are not required but almost mandated to take portions of folks ideas no matter how freakin stupid they may be. The notion of buy-in and perception management is causing bad decisions to be made repeatedly in many enterprises. I wonder though why it would come as a surprise to him that others believes he practices analysis paralysis.

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