Thursday, August 07, 2008


Links for 2008-08-07

  • Where do you store content metadata
    Laurence Hart and Sumath Molakala discuss where it should be stored but miss out on an opportunity to talk about how to manage it. Metadata is scattered throughout the enterprise. For example, how can a security architect tell where all instances of personally identifiable information is stored. If it is stored in an ECM system, what is the responsibility of it to externalize the knowledge of metadata regardless of how it is stored?

  • Why enterprises should care about IT certification
    Certification is something that can help make the enterprise better especially if you practice Indian outsourcing as it provides a good measure of the knowledge of the talent overseas

  • What does it mean for a developer to get into the BPM space?
    George Alexander describes an opportunity work with PEGA/PRPC and him going to training. I know that Pega is in the Boston area and would love to introduce him to folks I know using this platform. As far as the question of how much coding is required, the answer is a lot. BPMN isn't sufficiently complete to capture the essense of every possible IT situation, so custom code is still something that occurs.

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