Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Links for 2008-08-06

  • The Paris Hilton Approach to Software Development
    Wherever you find process weenies talking about CMMi and using process as a substitute for competence, you will find software developers that remind you of Paris Hilton.

  • Liferay Enterprise Portal is JSR286 Compliant
    Inter-portlet communication has always been a challenge but at another level provided many security features. I wonder if Brian Chess and Ryan Berg are busy attempting to figure out the new class of attacks such as Interportlet Communication Injection Attacks. Stay tuned as OWASP will be providing coverage.

  • Meaningful requirements
    Great wisdom on how business analysts can borrow techniques from software developers. Hopefully, folks understand the distinction between credible certifications and those that are less fortunate

  • What is your opinion of IT certification
    Check out the results of the OWASP certification survey.

  • OWASP Maturity Model Project
    Hopefully all the enterprise architects in the blogosphere will join the conversation as not having insight into the security of the portfolio you steward is just plain dumb.

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