Monday, July 14, 2008


Why Smalltalk is still irrelevant...

It amazes me that some folks are ignoring marketplace trends and still developing applications in Smalltalk...

Imagine you wanted to develop a secure scalable enterprise application and want to take advantage of modern user-centric approaches to identity. You have noticed that lots of web sites written in Java, .NET, Ruby on Rails, PHP and other languages provide native support for Cardspace and you attempt to find the equivalent support either commercially or in the open source community to do the same in Smalltalk. How successful will you be?

You find that building in support for the OASIS XACML specification is important as your business customer desires a flexible authorization model and you go and search for libraries. How successful will you be if Smalltalk is your language?

Your business customers come to you and want you to run your application on the Amazon or Sun grid. How much do you think it will cost to develop in Smalltalk relative to Java?

Your business customers want you to now add support for OpenID. Are you forced to write all the libraries yourself or is there something off the shelf that you can use for your Smalltalk application?

Your business customers want you to scale your Smalltalk application to 768 Coherent CPUs, how would you accomplish scaling on the same box and beat Java?

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