Saturday, July 05, 2008


What does foreign policy have to do with IT?

Most IT professionals label themselves as conservatives but in reality are bleeding liberals. Gunnar Peterson is one of the few, the proud amongst us that wants to make a difference by encouraging each of us to get our own foreign policy and stop waiting on change from above...

In the blogosphere, you can find folks talking about how they have been successful in creating bad heavyweight process, usage of second-class languages that the rest of the marketplace has abandoned and even really bad, horrific approaches to SOA but few talk about making a difference and being more human.

Gunnar's perspective correct on so many levels. Way too many people in large enterprises sit on their butt waiting for some enterprisey architect to devise a strategy or for heaven's sake, some wisdom from an IT executive. The best strategies and architectures are realized by self-organizing teams. Strategies aren't created, they emerge in the gap between chaos and order. Strategy is the manifestation of chaordic balance. Gunnar isn't talking about mind-numbling calls for throwing monies over the wall while washing your hands of any responsibility. He is though encouraging others to make charity personal, something that even I could learn a lesson from.

If you are shallow, caught up in the minute, the perpetual need for distillation and haven't taken time to understand that while your desire to socialize is important, that being human, engaging in real honest personal conversations is more important. Ignore his message at your peril. You can participate in making the world a better place by not just contributing to charity but in becoming charitable by becoming part of the equation.

We all have to pay rent, so money connects, but I'd rather be broke at have a whole lot of respect were the words uttered by rapper O.C. Is Gunnar a street minister preaching a message that we all need to hear but haven't taken the time to listen? Some will be annoyed that I have actually distracted them from focusing on enterprise architecture, open source, security, SOA or other technology thought. I guess I am evil or a saint. This all depends on your perspective. Reality though says that I could care less about perception management, but I do care a lot about the human condition and encourage others to support Gunnar in all of his undertakings...

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