Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Links for 2008-07-29

  • Developers needed; hackers need not apply
    Jay Fields provides a scenario of who should receive an offer after a job interview. The funny thing is he is describing exactly how outsourcing to India works

  • Call for Practitioners: expertise in SOA & Security or sOA & ITIL
    The OMG is attempting to bring together a group of practitioners with expertise on SOA & Security for a roundtable conversation. Why practitioners? They want to explore actual requirements and issues prior to hearing from vendors and consultants on answers.

  • Issuing Managed Cards
    One aspect of the conversation around CardSpace that seems to never be discussed is the secure coding aspects. Many members of OWASP believe that parsers are the weakest part of XML security, yet Cardspace makes this a vital component and puts it right up front. This begs the question of whether the parser used by Cardspace can be considered as secure as say the one used by DataPower. I know that Rich Salz won't comment, but someone out there must have an opinion.

  • Active Directory 2.0
    I have been curious if Nishant Kaushik, Mark Wilcox and others from Oracle have a different definition of what constitutes an enterprise than say Microsoft?

  • Lack of ECM Standards and how it hurts the industry
    It has been a long time since anyone from Nuxeo, Documentum, Stellent, Alfresco or others actually talked about creating valuable standards as the conversation to date has only been about the challenges.

  • Identity Maturity
    Paul Madsen posts a listing of Liberty Alliance award winners. I wonder if he knows where the general public can get their hands on an actual federation agreement. No, not a framework or guidelines but one that has actually been executed (in a legal sense) between two parties.

  • Data Portability Governance Framework
    The concept of promoting open standards, whilst allowing people to own their personal data, to enable interoperability. The identity crowd should be following this...

  • Directory Trek Wars
    A humorous comparison between Microsoft Active Directory and Virtual Directories.

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