Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Industry Analysts: The Microsoft Enterprise Architecture Toolkit

Have you noticed that none of the industry analysts that blog have written anything thoughtful on the Microsoft Enterprise Architecture Toolkit?

In something of a quiet and unheralded moment to all other than folks interested in true Enterprise Architecture, Mike Walker, made a pretty big announcement regarding the Enterprise Architecture Toolkit Alpha”.

The Toolkit is essentially a Solution Accelerator, or a package of tools, documentation, and framework elements to jumpstart people in establishing Enterprise Architecture and it’s traditional components. Capabilities include: (as per Mike’s blog at

Not that any industry analyst will attempt to actually compare it with Troux or other EA tools, but it would be interesting for them to at least mention the benefits of such an approach as many EA organizations don't actually use EA tools. More importantly, I would be excited if one of them didn't compare this with commercial offerings and otherwise over-hyped theoretical features that are missing but instead figured out when an EA tool is good enough...

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