Tuesday, July 15, 2008


How come I am the only person that actually likes Windows Vista?

I got a brand new HP laptop loaded with all the goodies. It has 2G of RAM and runs smoothly. Are the folks that complain about Vista using older hardware?

Don't get it twisted in that I won't spend any money upgrading my other PCs to the new operating system as this would be a waste of money. Likewise, it is an equal waste of effort to downgrade an operating system.

For the record, I also run GNU/Linux on one of the machines and have never understood why folks are so religious about operating systems. Personally I find the whole conversation between which is better: XP, Mac OS/X or Linux boring.

I can positively state that I absolutely love the latest version of OpenOffice though and would probably upgrade from XP to Vista before I ever consider either abandoning OpenOffice or upgrading my copy of Office 2000 as what I have is good enough for my purposes.

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