Sunday, July 27, 2008


Grandmaster Frank Corbo: Shorinryu Karate

Yesterday, I got to see Grandmaster Frank Corbo receive is his promotion to tenth degree...

Grand Master Corbo began his training 1960 at the age of five. His first instructor at that time was his father who introduced him to boxing, grappling and knife defenses. Returning home from the Marine Corps in 1976 he sought out instructors who could help him expand his martial arts knowledge and develop his skills into an integrated system of martial arts training. Grand Master has had the pleasure of training under the guidance of some of the greatest martial artists to date. Grand Master William Chen, Grand Master Hu Jianqiang, Grand Master Pan, Grand Master Duan, and Master Jiang Jian-ye all have made impressions and improvements to his Integrated Martial Arts system.

My son who is six years old, got the opportunity to do Jiu-Jitsu demonstration with his sensei (ninth degree in Komushinryu) where he demonstrated his routine. My son wasn't wearing his Gi at the time and was upset with his dad for leaving it in the car. Anyway, the video will be up shortly on Youtube and I will be posting a link here.

I also had the opportunity to meet a wonderful master from New York who demonstrated close quarters combat along with a monk from the Northern Shaolin temple. Afterwards, we all pigged out at It's only natural which I highly recommend.

Grandmaster Corbo is a judge on the 69th circuit probate court and a Marine. Duty, honor and country are no better represented than through the life of this master...

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