Sunday, June 22, 2008


Links for 2008-06-22

  • The Future of Documentum Security in the SOA World
    This has to be one of Laurence Hart's best posts to date where he outlines how Documentum in the future will support SAML and XACML. It is encouraging to know that Craig Randall has this on his own personal radar. I am surprised that Ajith, Johnny, Cornelia, Alan, Mark or Sumanth didn't provide their perspective on this posting. I do suspect that John Newton and others at Alfresco are silently working hard to make sure that they beat EMC to implementation...

  • should enterprises hire more stupid people?
    I wonder if James Robertson is available?

  • The Real SOA Governance Dos and Don'ts
    Todd Biske keeps Dave Linthicum honest regarding SOA Governance. Way too many industry analysts view SOA through the lens of products and refuse to expand the conversation. I would like to add one additional principle: Align your SOA to your enterprise information protection policies as so many so-called enterprise services miss this point.

  • Untold perspectives on social networking with large enterprises
    What is your opinion of blogs and Wikis in an enterprise setting?

  • You have to treat your employees like customers
    This reminds me of another problem of large enterprises ranting that they are having problems finding good people. Those folks only complain and are not part of the solution

  • Freakonomics, Crime and Trinidad and Tobago
    The mail strike is tying up lots of stuff in Trinidad including stuff I have sent to friends and family. I guess I have to get on a plane and deliver it myself. Biche, here I come...

  • Open source, solutions and what it takes to pursue a middle ground
    Alex Fletcher is an absolutely brilliant industry analyst. I would love to see Entiva merge with Elemental Links and both of them merge with Redmonk.

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