Friday, June 20, 2008


Links for 2008-05-20

  • Identity Dialtone vs OpenID
    The notion of an ISP being the holder of identity works in a consumerish model but fails miserably in enterprise settings. Likewise, for B2B interactions that involve licensing, indemnification or other constructs, identity needs to reside elsewhere. Of course this begs the question of why aren't other bloggers talking about identity other than in consumerish settings?

  • Entitlement management and concordia
    Gerry Gebel is a brilliant industry analyst. I wish Burton Group though in terms of XACML interoperability would stop focusing on how security vendors interoperate with each and focus more on how ECM, BPM, CRM, etc products can become XACML policy enforcement points. Some insight as to when Siebel, Peoplesoft, Lombardi Software, Intalio, Documentum and others will participate in an XACML ecosystem would rock.

  • Rest in Peace, CISSP
    What are your thoughts on certification of IT security professionals?

  • How to see Documentum Server Logs
    Wouldn't a better approach be if Documentum integrated out-of-the-box with LogLogic?

  • IT Leaders need better skills
    I really hate using the words leader and manager interchangeably, but ignoring this small point for a moment, this is a good blog entry on opportunities for IT executives to improve. The need for having high-level knowledge of architecture, security, infrastructure, compliance, data, QA, operations and so on is spot on. What would be even more interesting is if someone decided to do a survey to see how far away from this need most IT executives currently are...

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