Saturday, June 07, 2008


Enterprise Architecture: How to make requirements reusable...

I figured I would respond to a posting entitled: Requirements Re-use: Myth or reality? and not just provide critiquing but also a solution...

I wonder if I have identified the holy grail of reusable requirements in my own enterprise? We use tools such as RequisitePro and have loaded in our Information Protection policies which are high level business requirements and specifying things such as the need to change passwords, information systems logging and requirements around protecting personally identifiable information.

Taking this one step further, these higher-level business requirements then link into reusable technical/system requirements that state you must log all authentication activities, the records must be remoted to a enterprise certified device leveraging xyz standards (specified by the EA organization) and so on.

Maybe, I am missing something when it comes to making requirements reusable. I do believe that starting with security is the first step as they tend to be globally applicable, codified and most importantly implementable...

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