Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Enterprise Architecture and Time Wasting Activities

The standard work day is 8 hours of which all 8 are filled. If you had 15, you would fill those as well. Have you ever noticed though how efficient you become, the day before going on vacation and how tasks that would have taken 8 hours miraculously get completed in two...

Many enterprise architects spend a lot of time on nonsense, much of which isn't our fault. Many would agree that there is no incentive to use time well unless you are paid on commission. The world and more importantly your employer has agreed to shuffle papers during core working hours and since you're trapped in the office for that period of servitude, you are compelled to create activities to fill that time.

Enabling conversations is one activity many enterprise architects do on a daily basis, some of which are very beneficial while others are solely for perception purposes and otherwise add nebulous value. The ability to socialize new concepts is vital to selling a strategy, but what is more important?

Nowadays, the IDE of enterprisey architects is PowerPoint and Visio where if you were to ask yourself which has a better return, the output done in Visio tends to be more beneficial yet many of us spend more time in the former. So, if us enterprisey types create so much PowerPoint, what are we guilty of if we compel others to pay attention to them even if only in appearance?

Socialization has benefits, so let's do more of it. Likewise, if you are in a hole, then digging more is also beneficial. Seriously, when will enterprises start to ask themselves when socialization becomes a time wasting activity...

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