Saturday, May 10, 2008


Villari's Martial Arts is Garbage...

There is a fine line in building confidence and gassing up the heads of our children...

Today, my son and I attended the Villari's Connecticut Children's Classic where I mistakenly thought I would observe martial arts and instead landed smack in the middle of a pigeon head convention where all of the mom's were proud of their kids doing martial arts poorly.

Unlike Jiu-Jitsu where kids get slammed and become comfortable with contact, these kids are doing so called sparring but don't actually contact each other. What is more interesting is that kids have full head, mouth, hand and foot gear on, only to punch into the air.

We watched parents applaud one kid who managed to do ten pushups (my son can do forty) and another Yellow belt whose routine was inside block, outside block, high block and low block. This is the first thing you learn in Tae Kwon Do as a warmup.

It seems as if there were an awful lot of black belts. Must be pretty easy to get one. In other styles, they would at best be green belts. So as to not get it twisted, I convinced my son to stay longer than necessary. I thought it was garbage but in his own words, he called it ridiculous.

I have been known to put my money where my mouth is and would like this to serve as a formal challenge to any Villari's black belt within twenty miles that I can beat them in full contact in less than two minutes or I will donate $1,000 to a mutually agreed upon charity. My training in boxing when combined with Tai Chi (with a little Tae Kwon Do thrown in) is most certainly superior to the Villari's Kenpo crap style.

Additionally, I will put up $2000 that my son (six years old) who studies Japanese Jiu-Jitsu will beat 100% of all kids his age in any Villari's school on the planet. In fact, he will take kids two years older than him and even forty pounds heavier.

The most ridiculous aspect of this garbage style is that it reminds me of the idiocracy in corporate environments. Many Villari's students proudly display leadershit patches where the instructors are busy convincing the students to overcome their fear of being hit by not actually getting hit and then having lots of ceremony at the end where they talk about how they won the battle as a team and everyone gets a medal...

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