Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Praise for Mark Wilcox of Oracle

If you haven't been reading the blogs of Mark Wilcox and care about the identity conversation from an enterprise perspective, you are doing yourself a disservice...

Very few bloggers who work for software vendors feel it is their duty to respond to questions of customers and potential customers. Most will simply ignore.

Anyway, it is good to know that others also believe that directory syncronization approaches such as the one used by Documentum is fugly. I am disappointed in Mark for not taking credit on behalf of Oracle to acknowledge that Stellent doesn't suffer from the same bad design. Reality says that ECM platforms should store content and not users which is the first thing that modern applications need to adopt as their mantra.

Likewise, Mark mentioned the OctetString product which I think is a wonderful concept that Oracle provides for free and even takes it one step further by declaring where it is deficient. Imagine if other bloggers who worked for software companies did the same? Do you think I could get Pat Patterson, Mark Dixon or others to openly talk about where their products need improvement?

On another topic, I know that Oracle uses tools such as Ounce Labs and Coverity to automate aspects of security code review but haven't heard what Sun uses? Gunnar Peterson mentioned that Sun is in Microsoft's rearview mirror on software security, but I wonder if they are also lagging behind Oracle?

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