Thursday, May 01, 2008


Managing Offshore IT

Mohan Babu K. posted a blog on making your engagement manager work for you that on the surface sounds good but otherwise is suboptimal advice...

So I guess us clients should believe that you are an expert in pretty much everything that exists? Do you think credibility will increase if clients observed their sourcing partners saying that you don't have certain capabilities? We all understand the analogy of jack of all trades but master of none and this is the model that is happening offshore.

The answer to this is simple. You should ask yourself what would it take for Infosys to make much more of its knowledge transparent? How about actually publishing some of it? I read the McKinsey Quarterly but don't know what the outsourcing equivalent is. What if you were to simply set up a Wiki where us clients can have a peak?

OK, I'll bite for a moment that some IT executive believes that all hundred thousand individuals are talented, but this of course requires lowering ones standard to agree. Can we first acknowledge that not all individuals are equal in their knowledge and abilities? For example, some security professionals understand security better than others. Any advice on how we can acquire the top half without taking on the overhead of Infosys employees who are mediocre?

Maybe you could also provide a perspective on something that I have repeatedly heard? If Infosys has software development centers all over the planet, what would it take for an engagement manager who may have been from India to help clients find quality Infosys candidates in locations other than India?

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