Thursday, May 22, 2008


Links for 2008-05-22

  • Towns for Telecommuting
    A perspective on telecommuting that I wouldn't have thought about...

  • When software and politics mix, quality suffers
    Most organizations are messy affairs run by fallible human beings.

  • We can't write secure code
    Stuart King is on the money. He forgot to talk about folks who won't even consider it.

  • Tear down your cubicle walls
    Sad to say that the office of the future will make this perspective even more challenging to realize.

  • Nobody one knows commercial enterprise
    I wonder what the Ruby on Rails crowd thinks about this posting?

  • Should you avoid large consulting firms
    Gunnar Peterson talks about the business model of his firm. Having personal experience working with him, I agree that getting one person of high quality is better than jamming 15 blue suited kindergartners is better. One perspective that Gunnar didn't discuss is how us enterprisey types have been conditioned by Indian outsourcing firms such as Cognizant, Wipro and Infosys to have more folks than needed or is practical...

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