Friday, May 09, 2008


Links for 2008-05-09

  • Sun employees and OWASP
    Good to run across Sun employees such as Gerald at OWASP chapter meetings. Hopefully for the next event, he can figure out how to bring down a dozen or so folks from Sun labs. After all, they probably understand the need for writing secure code more than the Microsoft crowd. This makes me wonder if Pat Patterson has ever attended OWASP meetings on his side of town?

  • Centralizing DBA accounts through Identity Management
    Here is another presentation that provides a solution to the wrong problem. Why is it so difficult for database companies to simply bind to Active Directory at runtime and do so without requiring additional licenses? This stuff should be in the box.

  • Security architectures for portal platforms
    I hope that Tomas Elfving takes his thinking beyond just talking about the whats and goes into how this is best accomplished, which standards are relevant and most importantly worst practices he has observed.

  • What is an appliance?
    The IBM Datapower folks have a good definition but haven't shared what others need to do at a more detailed level on building one. It would be interesting if IBM put together a redbook on the subject.

  • Blog Readability Test
    Bet you don't know what level of education is required to understand this blog?

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