Sunday, April 27, 2008


What does it mean to be LDAP compliant?

I was reading Sean ONeill's blog on ADAM and LDAP compliance when I noticed he skipped over something I have always been curious about...

His phrase: in order to do ActiveSync on the ADAM interface, we need access to the LDAP transaction log, which is available LDAP directory, but not through ADAM (which uses AD via ASDI) didn't mention where the notion of a changelog should also be in the RFC? From what I can tell, Microsoft did the right thing but other applications that are so-called LDAP compliant also expect the changelog to exist. Documentum and other enterprise applications have also made this mistake.

Ignoring standards for a moment, is the notion of a changelog a sign of fugly application design? If you are synching to LDAP, then understanding the deltas could be considered a good thing but isn't the better answer to bind directly at runtime?

I am curious to learn how/if Oracle Virtual Directory provides an answer...

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