Thursday, April 03, 2008


The Secret Relationship between Organic Gardening and Great Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architects need to move away from the analogy of building plans, city codes, etc towards the analogy of gardening...

If you think about how enterprise architecture really works, it starts with planting seeds (ideas), pulling weeds (eliminating inefficiency), spreading manure (gaining buy-in) and harvesting (competitive advantage). Most folks though continue to abuse the building trades.

Anyway, as an organic gardener, I would appreciate any insight the blogsophere could provide on the following:

  • Bonsai: I am looking for bonsai pots that are rectangular and glazed ceramic for under $10 including shipping.

  • Compost Tumbler: Does anyone know of where I can find a large compost tumbler for under $100 including shipping.

  • Azomite: Actually looking for about five pounds available locally as shipping is expensive for this item.

  • Acai plants: Someone by now would have figured out how to grow this outside of Brazil. As the weather warms, I would love to plant one on family land in Trinidad.

  • So as to state the obvious, I have already put these terms into Google and didn't have much luck...

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