Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Links for 2008-04-16

  • Do analysts suffer the same economic pressures as the rest of us?
    Analyst firms are in trouble and now is the time to redouble their efforts by providing value to both sides of the house. Those who pay for research as well as those who consume research with a focus towards the latter.

  • WSO2 Identity Solution now feature-rich with OpenID
    Good to see that both OpenID and CardSpace are staying competitive. Of course I predict that CardSpace will beat OpenID in the enterprise...

  • To tell or not to tell
    We need more women in IT. This should happen by adopting not just men who convert but also those who are naturally born that way

  • Does EMC contribute to open source?
    I wonder if Alex Fletcher, James Governor, Raven Zachary or others know the answer to this question?

  • Are software vendors aware that developing software in India causes customer dissatisfaction?
    Here is one post that Oracle, Sun and HP will exercise their right to remain silent on

  • CISSP in New Delhi
    They should instead consider attending their local Delhi chapter of OWASP so they can learn security beyond the surface.

  • Registered Tables is Fugly
    Wouldn't it be interesting if you could not only register a SQL table, but also a directory service exposed via LDAP?

  • Feature driven development and insecurity by design
    I wonder if OWASP needs to create the Secure Project Management Project?

  • Externalizing Authorization
    Good to see that Nishant Kaushik agrees with Pamela Dingle that software vendors need to figure out how to externalize authorization. The harder part of the question is how can Oracle help other vendors such as Documentum understand how to do it correctly

  • Technical security as an afterthought is so Web 1.0
    Dave Parsons provides good insight into incorporating security into 2.0 thinking. I am surprised he didn't mention that individuals should consider attending local OWASP Chapter meetings?

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