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Links for 2007-04-06

  • Authentication, PKI and SAML
    Anil John provides guidance on SAML especially around confusing authentication with authorization. The conversation that others are yet to have in the blogosphere is guidance on how SAFE Pharma and others should migrate away from PKI and towards SAML vs simply discussing their differences

  • Open Source equivalents to commercial software
    I wonder who will be the first industry analyst firm to step up and publish a more complete list? I suspect it won't be Gartner

  • Is agile only for elites?
    The answer to this question should be no. Agile isn't for elites, but it is a way that small consulting firms who need to also push methodologies to sell services can do so without running into the big guys

  • Overview of XACML
    Other than Bex Huff, has anyone else in the world of ECM ever noodled how it may fit into their world?

  • IDC parent to buy Gartner?
    Software vendors should think of this as an opportunity to not be bullied into spending lots of money on services. Likewise, they may also want to consider working with smaller analyst firms

  • Blind SQL Injection
    Documentum may suffer from this defect. I wonder if anyone cares?

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