Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Enterprise Architecture and Taking Credit

During annual review time, my boss gave me feedback that I don't take enough credit. I figured I would start a movement to convince other architects that taking credit isn't always a good thing...

Harry Truman once said It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit. The people who count will know who did it, so don't worry about the credit and instead focus on value creation. It is often the case that though you tell people what you have done and you have pride in your accomplishments, that other more powerful and more strategically placed people may receive the credit anyway. Over time, this becomes a trap in that you may worry that you may not have gotten your dues.

Don't worry about the credit, even if your claims are just and true. You have accomplished your mission and should be savagely focused on improving your skills so that you can do even more. Don't fall into the trap as the workplace usually isn't fair nor objective. If you are truly worried about credit, then try a credit monitoring service such as Experian or Choicepoint that notifies you anytime your credit report changes.

Besides, if you are one of those folks who believe that perception is reality, then you may also conclude that those most worried about getting credit typically are those whose contributions are least worthy of it...

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