Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Encouraging IT employees to quit En Masse

Many folks gossip in the hallways of large enterprises whenever a demographic quits en masse. I figured I would outline positive perspectives on this activity...

Have you ever considered that a mass exodus from your enterprise is beneficial to the IT profession as a whole? Usually folks quit because they have either lost faith in the organization for one reason or another or that the job market is very hot for their particular skills. While this may be bad for the losing company, it can be a huge boost for the industry at large as expertise becomes more spread out.

Would Indian outsourcing become stronger if the truly top talent within Wipro, Infosys, Satyam and Cognizant were to stop moving amongst each other but instead were to diversify into large enterprises? What would happen if there were a mass exodus of partners from Accenture, Bearingpoint and McKinsey? Would it result in more diversity, creativity and innovative ideas to emerge?

Enterprises should always put a positive spin on folks leaving en masse even when they don't deserve credit. The marketing pitch says that if your enterprise has lots of folks being stolen, then you may be the career path for those who also want to get stolen later but don't have the right credentials now and you can milk them for whatever it is worth. Besides, usually when this happens, IT executives tend to conclude that they won't fix the culture and therefore shim it by paying more...

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