Saturday, March 01, 2008


Software Vendors and OWASP

Apparently, the inaugural launch of our lcoal chapter of OWASP was more successful than I had perceived as I received six different emails from software vendors indicating that they would like to speak at an upcoming meeting...

The funny thing though was that absolutely zero percent of the emails received indicated that they would be willing to help market upcoming meetings. The notion of building a community takes the work of an entire ecosystem and can't be by a sole, solitary local chapter leader and requires software vendors to also help spread the word.

Spreading the word shouldn't be just limited to sending out email blasts whenever a person from your company speaks but figuring out how to send out email blasts encouraging folks to attend meetings that occur even before an employee of your firm speaks.

Economics would indicate that if people become aware of all the bad stuff happening in software we use every day, that the opportunities to sell more of your product will increase. It will only increase if we can all collectively work together to help make software security visible...

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