Friday, March 21, 2008


Software Vendor Sales Antipatterns

Why do software vendors and their sales folks still attempt to call customers in a world of Blackberries...

I wonder if sales folks haven't been paying attention? Haven't they noticed that the enterprisey executives nowadays are all carrying crackberries? With the population being so mobile, why do you waste your time hoping to get lucky to hear the human voice when reality says that they are more than likely to respond if you send them email?

Would anyone care to guess how much time I have spent at my desk this week? Bet you didn't know that for those times that I was away from my desk, I did have my laptop and could access email. Have you ever considered that if you leave me a phone call and I am not around, yet I decide to take work home, that I might not return your call for an extended period or at least until I find time to make it back to my desk. For the small amount of time I do spend there, you have to understand that there are probably ten others before you who have exhibited the same illogical, inefficient behavior.

If you send me an email, I might be able to at least compose a message while offline as I do synchronize Microsoft Outlook before departing for the day which guarantees higher odds of having a response in the morning. I am sure I am not alone in the way that my schedule is jam-packed during core business hours, so instead of just reading this, getting an inquisitive thought that lasts about as long as Twinkie at a fat convention and rationalizing your behavior, why don't you noodle what it would take to alter your habits so that you make not only yourself but your customers more productive...

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