Sunday, March 30, 2008


Links for 2008-03-30

  • Enterprise use of Information Cards
    Glad to see that someone in the blogosphere has enough courage to not forget the enterprise. CardSpace actually has a stronger value proposition in the enterprise than in the land of consumerish web interactions. I would hope that Marc Wilcox and others who are fans of Virtual Directory technologies to talk about how their products will evolve into better STS.

  • Biztalk supports managed cards
    This feels awkward to me in that Microsoft isn't encouraging Sun to make their identity manager product perform the same functionality. It makes sense that Cardspace in many situations would require identity workflow.

  • RDFAuth: A secure replacement for OpenID
    I wonder if someone invents a better, more secure way of being user-centic would the OpenID community embrace it, fight it or ignore it?

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