Saturday, March 29, 2008


Links for 2008-03-29

  • IDTrust2008 Workshop
    It feels as if the RSA Conference will be repeating the Oasis XACML interoperability challenge already conducted by The Burton Group. I wonder why Hal Lockhart and others couldn't come up with something that shows more thought leadership? How about demonstrating XACML interoperability with non-security products such as BPM and ECM?

  • Running a great analyst event
    Is listening to canned speeches and software vendors mingling with the competitors valuable? I bet Mike would really hate Gartner conferences as the analysts are required to rehearse their thinly veiled speeches multiple times. Even this is pervasive amongst the Burton Group analysts as well. The thing I can say is that you can still get one-on-one insight from Burton analysts in the hallway while other firms, it really doesn't happen regardless of location. Maybe he should follow up his blog on whether analysts should attend OWASP events and others where they are not in control

  • More on Directory Evolution
    Mark did a great job of navigating around a landmine. On one hand, he agrees that applications such as Documentum who can that they support LDAP should not only handle authentication but also mapping but carefully avoided whether this should be separately licensed or part of the base package.

  • Sun plans to close its data centers
    I would have expected the analyst crowd to talk about the grand vision for utility computing and how Sun will eat its own dog food.

  • JSR-294 Early Draft
    This JSR is worthy of attention and incorporating superpackages will extend Java leadership within the enterprise over second-class approaches such as Smalltalk

  • Dollars tough to sell on streets of Amsterdam
    Even though the dollar is hovering at record lows, it is my prediction that it will continue to decline until America stops outsourcing to India and we stop confusing leadership for bad management.

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