Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Links for 2008-03-25

  • More on Directory Evolution
    A great response by Mark Wilcox on integrating products and enterprise applications with Active Directory. It is interesting though that Oracle has taken the thought leadership lead away from Microsoft and has acknowledged that authorization is a bigger problem for enterprises in many ways over authentication.
  • Security in the SDLC is not just code review
    This message is equally revelant to not only enterprise architecture teams, but also the folks who are responsible for procurement. An enterprise can't have any form of conversation of integrity when talking about buy vs build if they aren't also placing security requirements on their software vendors. I am curious at some level, whether vendors such as Lombardi Software, Sun, Quest and others use static analysis tools as part of their own SDLC? If so, I wonder if folks could chime in and provide comments on how it is working for them?

  • Shouldn't single sign-on be child's play?
    Jackson Shaw will be discussing consolidation of non-windows system directories into Active Directory which others should pay close attention to...

  • Speaking at OWASP Austin: Static Analysis
    It would be great if Cote of Redmonk where to blog on this topic...

  • 7 common lies told by enterprise software sales people
    Great article. I especially love the point that their solutions will save you time and money. I wonder if folks realize that if all sales people where telling the truth, that I would be the only IT person on the planet and even then I would only work ten minutes a day.

  • Lies about OpenID
    Good to hear that someone else realizes that AOL and Yahoo don't accept OpenID as a credential to access their own web site. This is all about command and control! I wonder why Johannes Ernst, Dick Hardt, Ashish Jain and others haven't talked about this behavior?

  • Information Overload
    All those graduates that work for McKinsey, Accenture and Diamond Consultants upon graduating from college weren't expecting to run into information overload.

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