Sunday, March 23, 2008


Links for 2008-03-23

  • There must be fifty ways to view your processes
    A great posting that is missing one bullet stating that another way to view your process is whether you can leverage it to be a substitute for competence

  • Data deduplication is so cool!
    Alexandra mentions that Data deduplication should be a core feature in platforms such as EMC Documentum. I bet if you were to submit this as an enhancement request, it would be ignored. In fact, I bet that if you asked ten other enterprises to submit the same exact request, it would be ignored equally fast.

  • If you want to be sloppy and do whatever you want...try Agile!
    Sarcasm is a good thing until it is no longer funny. Do you know what it is like when not one but several architects attempt to correct others when they use Agile incorrectly in a sentence.

  • Open Source Licensing: Obsolete or Of Importance?
    Stephen O'Grady provides some great thoughts on open source licensing. I would love for analysts though to provide amplification of why GPL isn't enterprise friendly and how the only licenses that encourage participation are those who stem from academia such as MIT, Apache and so on.

  • Trinidad Hindus celebrate Good Friday
    Trinidad is one of the few countries where diversity isn't just a phrase spewed by media relations and is actually practiced by all. If India or America for that matter could figure out that we need to practice what we preach...

  • Neuenschwander and the Burton Group
    Mike Neuenschwander recently left his position as Research Director for Identity at the Burton Group to join Mycroft. As I understand, other analysts have also departed. Could someone provide insight? Maybe Mike and his firm would be interested in sponsoring an OWASP meeting?

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