Thursday, March 20, 2008


Links for 2008-03-20

  • 10 Reasons websites get hacked
    He of course forgot all the mistakes made by IT executives prior to a single line of code being written...

  • The End of Irrational Execution
    A discussion on the three elements needed for moving from inertia to agility

  • Is software practice advancing
    The answer is emphatically no! With much of software development occuring in second-class countries such as China and India, when combined with their closed source non-community command-and-control best practices hierachical thinking, the conversations on how to improve don't even occur. They are savagely busy thinking that process discussions are the answer and don't recognize that much of this is a trap.

  • qualities of good pen testers
    Folks who participate in OWASP need to amplify this entry.

  • The Business of Identity
    It is great to see a discussion around business models but what is missing from the conversation is the desire of consumers to pay money to an identity provider.

  • a huge loss in credit cards - Consumers will be torqued
    Hannaford potentially exposed over one million credit cards. If you haven't been paying attention to PCI or more importantly been doing the bare minimum to comply, you may think of this as a heads up that the bar will be raised.

  • The Identity Oracle
    Bob Blakely of the Burton Group in the past talked about the notion of an identity oracle. I would love for him to expand on his past thoughts to understand whether technologies such as EMC's VERID, authentify and others that do knowledge based authentication is the right first step and how these vendors can start to align with this thinking. The notion of identity proofing seems to hold real promise regardless of what the consumerish crowd thinks.

  • Do Indian IT companies write secure code?
    Dharmesh Mehta provides insight into indian outsourcing and software development and what folks there do best which is to plaigarize...

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