Monday, March 17, 2008


Links for 2008-03-17

  • Microsoft, XACML, SQL and Sharepoint
    Jackson Shaw agrees but I wonder what the role of Kim Cameron, Mike Jones, Young Joo, Allan da Costa Pinto, Stefan Brands and other Microsoft employees in terms of making this happen?

  • SOA is not Enterprise Architecture
    Good to see that others are keeping the likes of Joe McKendrick honest...

  • Why Enterprise Architects continue to fall short with SOA
    I wonder if David Linthicum would ever provide commentary on not just the strategy aspects of SOA, but the development aspects as well? For example, does indian outsourcing make SOA easier or harder to properly realize? What affect does CMMI have on SOA agility? Does Zapthink believe that enterprises understand the value proposition of OWASP and what they bring in terms of SOA security?

  • Identity leprosy or identity zombies?
    Ian believes that identity needs brains but falls into the trap of thinking about identity solely from the perspective of provisioning and while avoiding runtime aspects. I wonder if he would blog on why enterprises should consider identity consolidation over identity management?

  • Drools: Business Rules Management System
    Ever notice how industry analysts never even mention drools but overhype other expensive commercial products? You owe it to yourself to investigate this open source implementation.

  • More Cardspace in the enterprise
    Folks are busy getting it twisted in thinking that an enterprise user should invoke cardspace multiple times during the day. Cardspace should only be invoked when entering another security realm. It feels more like a problem in that most enterprises don't have sound practices around SSO

  • Source Boston 2008 Security Conference
    Nick Selby, Industry analyst at the 451 Group comments on a particular security conference and mentions many names that I respect. I wonder if he could comment on whether other attendees learned about OWASP, its mission to make application security "visible" and most importantly that you don't need to spend a lot of money to hear great speakers as local OWASP groups provide them for free.

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