Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Links for 2008-03-11

  • What can CISOs learn from the Societe Generale debacle
    Khalid Kark of Forrester posted a most thoughtful perspective on security that folks need to noodle. I wonder if the Enterprise Architects at SG weren't paying attention to James Governor and his perspectives on compliance oriented architectures

  • Funding Software Development: Cash vs. Equity
    Many founders of software startups still believe that the fastest way to develop the very first version of their product is to hire developer(s) locally, even if they often have to use equity to pay for their services where there may be some merit in considering outsourcing. Of course, it is best to avoid India as the overhead of starting outsourcing there is way too heavy compared to nearshore countries such as Antiqua and Trinidad along with obvious quality benefits as well.

  • Do you have the architect personality
    Mike Kavis asks an interesting question regarding an architects personality and whether folks have it. Of course, he didn't ask whether folks equally have the architect's ability. I guess at some level personality and the whole perception management culture no longer cares about core skills. Maybe he would address the other half in an upcoming blog entry

  • Practice What you Preach...
    If only more of us did the same...

  • Enterprise Politics vs the imperative of social software
    It is a good thing when Mark Masterson shares the thoughts behind the firewall as I can say that behind our own firewall, the same conversations are occuring.

  • PMBOK Fourth Edition open for review
    Have you ever worked with a project manager that is a process weenie? Do they operate from the mindset of command and control vs influence? Do they think that other roles are plug compatible FTEs? Would you like to help this demographic become better? PMI is asking for feedback on their project management body of knowledge.

  • Tech leaders scramble for IT talent
    I wonder if CIOs have ever asked themselves whether local talent prefers to work in environments that do not outsource vs those that do?

  • ECM Reference Architectures
    Raoul Miller from Oracle acknowledges not only the purpose of reference architectures but the need for them to become publicly available and has taken steps within his organization to make this happen. Any bets on how long it would take for Craig Randall to do a similar move?

  • Presidential Programming Languages
    What if the next President of the United States as an application developer? The folks over at Forrester believe that Hillary Clinton would program in Java which means I better find another language. Curious to know why Forrester is becoming cool and Gartner is still stuffy in their blogs?

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