Thursday, March 06, 2008


Links for 2008-03-06

  • Software Engineering Best Practices in Game Development
    My enterprisey counterparts can learn alot from games. For example, we talk about support hundreds or maybe thousands of users concurrent with a three second response time for our web applications while gamers talk about supporting a million concurrent with latency of no more than 1/8 of a second

  • BEA State of the Market Survey
    I wonder if BEA and Bruce Silver believe that open source is a market trend that should have been covered as part of being thorough?

  • Differences between IT Governance and Enterprise Architecture Governance
    Serge Thorn does a great job of explaining these key distinctions.

  • Dilbert on Enterprise Architecture
    A funny cartoon worth checking out. This may even remind you of several bloggers that hold interesting perspectives

  • Mistakes CIOs make that weaken enterprise security
    No, I am not talking about your CIO even though he may be guilty as charged.

  • The importance of reference architecture
    Does anyone know what reference architecture for ECM looks like? Does Stellent, Nuxeo, Documentum or Alfresco publish anything like this? I wonder how this would align with Anil's thoughts on XACML and how ECM systems can embrace?

  • Advanced DQL Injection
    A great article on bypassing login

  • Do software security and ethics ever clash?
    I figured someone in the blogosphere would have ripped me a new one. Glad I have been spared.

  • Things you probably don't know about me
    Imagine having to get a bodyguard just to go to work at IBM. I guess Rick Smith isn't a former linebacker and probably is a little squishy in the middle. For me, if this situation arose, I would advise folks to duckdown...

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