Sunday, March 23, 2008


Are Industry Analysts afraid to provide insight on certain topics?

Have you noticed that many industry analysts have moved away from discussions on outsourcing, security and ECM in the blogosphere?

Maybe it is due to economic factors in that many of them have seen a decline in revenue lately. In order to stop the bleeding, several small analyst firms have moved away from providing deeper analyst insight into emerging controversial topics in hopes to avoid alienating potential paying customers.

Likewise, you may also have noticed the trend that analysts are less and less participating in the larger discussions and have moved back towards conversations in which they control. The side effect of this behavior is there will be less conversation around pure open source and it will morph into discussions about dual-licensing as an acceptable form of being open while distorting other values.

Listed below are a few posts that prior to the decline in revenue as seen by analysts, they would have been all over and would have posted several responses. Maybe the best answer isn't to sit around waiting for them to do anything and for others to start doing the analysis themselves...

  • Using XACML for Privacy Control in SAML-Based Identity Federations

  • Do outsourcing firms write secure code?

  • OMG RFI for Business Security and Authorization Policy Modeling

  • The wrongs of enterprise rights management

  • Untold facts about software vendors and federated identity

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