Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Thoughts on Black History Month

My son had to choose someone to write about for Black History month and he chose Muhammad Ali because he stood for what he believed while still achieving success. The question that others should ponder is whether we can consider progress as the silencing of the masses through political correctness and perception management.

Being that my son can literally check every EEOC box, I am not sure what is the right perspective for him. I can say that in the original I got the Power song by Chil Rob G (the clone was by Snap) where he opens with the phrase: Don't say this, don't say that, change the lyrics, everybody's a critic, it's getting kinda hectic and closes with It takes a nation of people to feel proud, about a brother who speaks out real loud is spot on.

Anyway, for those who keep getting it twisted, Black History Month is really about Black History. It is a month dedicated to removing the mental handcuffs of a nation who needs to take time to reflect on other perspectives. For those who find it distracting for me to go offtopic, I guess you should explain your rationalization to our creator, but for those who aren't closed minded, I encourage you to click play on this video (below) that I ran across today...

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