Friday, February 22, 2008


Random Thoughts on how IT Managers prevent hiring of top talent...

Bet you didn't know that in 2008, there are still folks who have reservations on hiring based on their experience, capability to execute and how quickly they can adapt and deliver in the role...

When are we going to admit that the masses of mediocre folks in IT are threatened by people who have new ideas and a fresh approach? It is the diversity of ideas that fuels real innovation and unless you like to focus on the perception of innovation or reality, you need to stop thinking about diversity and inclusion as cliche and instead figure out a way to make it actionable.

Sometimes folks are threatened by people who come from the outside and upset the status quo resulting in a loss of power. Many enterprises hire people who think like the rest of their employees and then wonder why they cannot keep up with competitors in terms of market innovation. If you ever interview an outside candidate and hear folks talk about how great of a fit this individual may be, this may be a predictor towards status quo.

Real innovators sometimes don't get along with others. Of course, you can use the they do not fit our culture excuse or you can step up and figure that sometimes fit doesn't matter. At some level, this is covert discrimination. Unlike in India and other parts of the world, employers in the US are legally required to recruit and hire based only on experience and capability. Whether they are a good fit, you liked them or whether they would get along is discrimination.

Another interesting trend is that corporate America isn't hiring folks from the military which happens to be one of the most diverse corporations on the planet! Hiring a military spouse or member would provide a corporation with some of the most diverse, talented, loyal employees they could ever want. These folks have agreed to put their lifes in harms way and therefore are most certainly capable of listening to the endless mind numbing dribble spewed by your clueless IT executives. You need to step up and less folks from insulting firms and more from the military. Duty, Honor and Country...

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