Thursday, February 14, 2008


Links for 2008 Valentines Day

  • Miserable technology workers should go freelance
    Chances are that there are lots of architects who feel depressed and should seriously consider changing employers...

  • Do you like or loath Gartner?
    It is good to hear other architects ask the question of why more folks aren't challenging Gartner if they don't like their output. I wonder if we will see an increase in 2008?

  • OpenID still isn't going anywhere
    Tom talks about the motivations for joining OpenID and other industry consortiums which is pretty accurate. Unfortunately, much of the change in IT products come not because vendors are good at listening to customers, especially for Security Concerns but solely because it provides them with a marketing lift.

  • OpenID kills Windows CardSpace
    There are several themes worthy of discussion. First, Microsoft must create the illusion that it wants OpenID to succeed when in all reality, it would be against Microsoft's best interest to support a protocol that has known security vulnerabilities. Likewise, Microsoft has done a horrific job at marketing CardSpace because unfortunately in doing so, won't necessarily create any additional revenue opportunities. In 2008, you shouldn't expect to see any more deep marketing of CardSpace other than Kim Cameron and Mike Jones doing grassroots blogging

  • Distributed SOA
    I wonder if David Millman believes that ESBs should support SAML and XACML PEP without having to purchase additional products?

  • When Fugly Architecture becomes a feature
    I still haven't figured out why folks in the world of ECM continue to purchase dysfunctional architectures?

  • April 5-6 Waltham CodeCamp
    Microsoft has a great model around talking to developers. I wonder when we could expect to see Oracle and Sun engage the developer community on the same scale?

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