Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Links for 2008-02-19

  • Can Code be Green? Does Beauty Matter?
    James wonders how much energy does beauty take? I would of course modify the question to ask if vendors started to focus on writing secure code then we can most certainly quantify a reduction in harmful emissions. Instead of having an application firewall and an application, why not just have one. If code is written securely, you have reduced the number of tiers significantly. Secure coding is green.

  • IT Conference Directory
    I am surprised that no one hasn't yet attempted this idea.

  • Enterprise Architects Versus the World
    Unbounded scope is a recipe for disaster. I wonder how many folks believe that EA vs the World is accurate? I suspect that more folks would believe that it is EA against a few folks though.

  • Security in SOA - It's the Car, not the Garage
    Gunnar Peterson shares a great story that even the dimmest of IT executive could understand.

  • SOA Funding
    The reason why discussions around SOA Funding are important is that software product vendors haven't yet figured out whom the decision makers really are within an SOA and can't quite figure out who to suck up to and whom to ignore.

  • What logs do you actually look at?
    Anton Chuvakin of LogLogic is running a poll that others should take part in. I wonder if in a future blog entry, he could comment on what a really good logging strategy looks like from the perspective of a BPM and ECM architecture.

  • Deloitte's New Innovative Pro Bono Program
    Deloitte just announced a new way to help society. Its vision is laudable - " transform the way the organization supports charitable organizations and strengthens the nonprofit sector". This emulates other result-oriented charitable organizations such as the Gates Foundation, where charitable contributions are made with clear line of sight to outcomes and return on initial investment. I hope that folks from Accenture, Wipro, Cognizant and Bearingpoint will be fast followers in emulating this most wonderful show of humanity.

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