Monday, February 18, 2008


Links for 2008-02-18

  • Enterprise Architects and the analysts they love
    Barbara French wrote a thoughtful piece on the mindset of IT research consumers that I suggest you read.

  • Want to be an author?
    Being a book author isn't what it is cracked up to be.

  • The Problem with Enterprise Architecture
    It is ashame that others are ruining the profession.

  • Are Industry Analysts Objective?
    I refuse to believe that analyst firms other than Gartner and Forrester can be bought. I am of the believe that firms such as Entiva, Redmonk and Elemental Links have more integrity bar none.

  • ECM Security
    Explaining how security works in a blog entry is a recipe for confusion, but I still haven't learned my lesson. A thoughtful discussion on security requires folks to not focus on how thing work, but how they can be broken. I guess I am underestimating the effort of getting others to think like an attacker...

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