Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Links for 2008-02-12

  • Job Interviews move to Pay for Play
    The Agile Elephant discusses the perspective of employers and the value proposition of recruiters. The challenge I see is that while I can personally vouch for his value, I have to say that the vast majority of recruiters out there are horrific and simply provide little value proposition. The question of whether employers should avoid recruiters is one thing, but a discussion about the plethora of folks who also avoid them in terms of their next search is also worthy of being discussed.

  • Intalio back on Gartner's Magic Quadrant
    I wonder if they appeared again because Ismael Ghalimi wrote a check?

  • AIIM Expo 2008
    Did you take a look at the agenda? Did you happen to notice that 99% of all presenters aren't end customers? Did you happen to notice that there are no breakout sessions that provide the opportunity to discuss what new standards should be created in the world of ECM? Did you notice that there are no interoperability events either? Did you notice that there are no sessions on integration of ECM and BPM? I guess at some level this is OK in that most ECM folks don't really come from a deep technical background and therefore appreciate the opportunity to lurk at conferences

  • Fine-Grained Authorization with Sun Java System Access Manager
    Pat Patterson shared some links on how to authorize access to resources other than web pages which may make for a great read by the ECM and BPM crowd. I would love to know how Sun is reaching out to vendors in the ECM and BPM space to ensure that this becomes an out-of-the-box configurable security solution by both parties.

  • Going nowhere FAST
    Microsoft's acquisition of FAST is brilliant as it will cause both EMC and Oracle to scramble to find another OEM search component. I would speculate that both of these companies may decide to go open source by embracing Lucene. Of course, they will not only use but also contribute which all can benefit from.

  • Tools support governance, not define it
    Todd is one of the best architects in corporate America I have ever ran across. I know that he understands that governance is the hottest cliche word in 2008. For many, it is a four-letter word and for software vendors it is a word you must use in your powerpoint presentations to get executives to pay attention. For the record, Todd is right and David Linthicum is wrong.

  • Versioning Enterprise Services
    You need to read the article by Sameer Tyagi as it is absolutely brilliant. Besides, he is one of the few bloggers who has enough courage to display worthy charities on his blog.

  • Where is Asia's contribution to open source?
    Matt Asay asks an interesting question but also assumes that Asia has lots of talent. The reality is that they have lots of people which is separate and distinct from having lots of talent. Many of the outsourcing firms such as Wipro, TCS, Cognizant and others would avoid having their employees contribute as they would expect to find some braindead IT executive in the states to pay for it. Likewise, we all know that quality of the masses isn't up to par and contribution could only serve to embarass their firm.

  • The Missing Conversation on Authorization
    I wonder if Cornelia Davis, Dave Robertson, Robin East, Apoorv Durga, Smitha Narayanarao, Alan Pelz-Sharpe or the folks over at AIIM have any thoughts on how ECM systems can improve their internal security models?

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