Monday, February 04, 2008


Links for 2008-02-04

  • ECM and BPM
    If you have ever thought about how these two technologies should work cohesively together, you would understand the need for tools in this space to externalize their authorization models. Craig Randall and others are busy strategizing around incorporating the XACML specification into their product set which you should see emerge in a couple of months.

  • Are Legal Obstacles delaying Federated Identity Management
    In my humble opinion, the answer is no! I am of the belief that the problem space of community formation is the biggest challenge. While I can name all of the competitors to my employer, I cannot easily identify my peer within each of these shops to make federation reality.

  • The war for talent is over...
    When will large enterprises realize that their best practices really aren't?

  • SAML 2.0 in the headlines
    I believe that SAML 2.0 will loose the race over the long haul as folks noodle the price advantage of having WS-Federation built into the operating system while SAML 2.0 requires enterprises to buy something extra...

  • Why isn't Windows CardSpace taking off?
    Joel Spolsky and others have it all wrong! If you are an Enterprise Architect, ask yourself when was the last time Microsoft came to your shop or to conferences you attend and presented it? I suspect many haven't even heard of it...

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